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Prize Distribution Ceremony

On 18th March 2013 there was a  Prize Distribution Ceremony for Primary Section for the academic year 2012-13. It was held at Manik Sabhagriha at 10.00 am.

Ms. Rohini Lalge Beat Officer (H-West Ward) presided over the function. The outstanding student, Mast. Yash Tatkar was awarded as the Best Boy and Miss. Tanmayee Durshelwar was awarded as the Best Girl for the academic year 2012-13.


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Navaratri Celebrations

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Visit to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

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Student being ' Teachers ' on Teacher's Day

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Puppet Show


Students praying to god before going to bed.


Visit to Cow Shed


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Camp Fire at Balang Farm


Children Enjoying at the Park at Balang Farm


Activities at Balang Farm


Camp to Balang farm:

The Cubs/Bulbuls along with the Nature Club students attended a camp on 8th March 2013 to 10th March at Balang Farm, a place situated at Vasai. The children had first- hand experience of living in a camp away from parents and managing things on their own. The time slot and activites were conducted as per the schedule and maximum number of children participated in all the competitions. The children also had the good fortune of visiting a rural self sufficient place, which was awarded the best village in the whole of Asia. The Sarpanch of Malunge actually spoke to the children about the contribution of the villagers in making the village an example to be followed.

The children were taken for following visits:-
Water purification plant
Brick kiln
Cow shed ( GOSHALA)
Vajreshwari Mandir
Hot water spring
Weekly Bazaar
Ideal Village or a self sufficient Village (Malunge)

Following information was given by a professional:-
Waste Management and its importance
Water management and its importance
Solar Energy and its benefits
Importance of cleanliness
Importance of growing plants

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Media Coverage - Times NIE Cleanliness Concepts
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Pehechan (1): Principal Ms. Pratibha Prabhu addressing the parents at ' Pehechan ', Orientation programme for parents.
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Pehechan (2): Co-ordinator Ms. Vrunda Redkar explaining the curriculum and pattern of Assessments to the parents at the orientation.
  Field Trip to INS Vikrant Ė STD III & STD IV

Field trip to INS Vikrant was arranged for STD III & IV on 22nd January 2012. 230 students along with teaching staff visited the Battle ship. The field trip was under the guidance of primary coordinator Ms. Vrunda Redkar.
The journey inside the battle ship was indeed very informative. The students as well as the teachers came across various equipments and gadgets used by the naval department during war and their journey through sea. The students gained knowledge about various Cargo ships, fighter ships, other naval ships and amongst them was the majestic aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. The students toured the entire ship (INS Vikrant) which is now fondly called Indian Naval Museum Ship Vikrant and gathered information about aircrafts like Sea Hawk, helicopters and so on.

The trip to INS Vikrant inculcated the value of disciple and team work by listening to the real stories of the officials of the navy.


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Field Trip to Hanging Gardens

Keeping in mind the age and interest of children a field trip for STD I and II was arranged to Hanging Garden. It was indeed a joyful field trip as the children saw many bushes in the shape of animals. They were amused to see the Old Momís Shoe and were impatient to pose there. They enjoyed the sight and were happy to see the laces of the shoe and were just longing to feel the touch of the same. After all this they enjoyed playing in the garden where there were slides, sea-saw and swings. Their happiness knew no bounds. They exercised their muscles and bones and took the pleasure of playing and swinging on each and every equipment in the garden. An appropriate field trip to encourage the mental and physical skills of the children.


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Workshop by NIE:


Children's creations at workshop by NIE &


Children's participation at NIE


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Children enjoying the picnic to Tikuji-ni-Wadi

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